Compete, collaborate and win.
Have fun and connect emotionally with your team.






Develop team skills with a real life experience, put into practice by a simulation game. 

Motivate your teams.

Make your team grow with a competition that connects, and shortens the distances. 

People are social beings, and remote teams have disadvantages when it comes to interacting and building emotional links naturally. Nevertheless, motivation, communication and commitment are critical to working remotely, more now than ever.


Why are we different?

Behavioural simulation

A simulation that focuses on the relationship, not the content. It recreates a specific context and lets participants make decisions without pre-defined conditions or a reference model.

Custom contents

Learning is an essential piece of activity. Specific content, company values or key messages are tightly connected with the simulation dynamics.

100% tutorised

A full-time, dedicated tutor stimulates interaction, overcomes doubts, and helps in the analysis - and also controls the dynamics to maintain interest and ensure participation.



Business simulations result in experiential learning that combines cognition with emotion, allowing us to understand and integrate complex and dynamic contexts.

How it's done

To achieve self-coordinated teams, performing with speed and agility, a sense of belonging and proactive collaboration are essential. Talent, a willingness to share, a need for trust, and trust, are all factors based on interaction.



The training - bypassing courses and quizzes - gives participants access to the fun part of the game!



Simple enough to engage immediately, but challenging enough to maintain excitement.



Based on 25 years of developing agile and collaborative teams - by improving interdepartmental coordination, avoiding silos and enhancing team communication.

Two options with interaction in mind 

Interrelationships are a source for generating trust. Common projects or shared objectives can stimulate trust by the perception of ‘being in the same boat’. Time and space compression accelerates learning processes and develops a culture based on collaboration.


The customisable simulation

To reflect my own business

An addictive business simulation activity that will make you feel like the CEO of your company.
The simulation aims to enhance the entrepreneurial profile of participants by developing the necessary skills to manage information properly. Participants will need a global vision and to pay attention to nuances and relationships so as to identify business opportunities

Whether live or asynchronous, participants make simple individual decisions, ending in multiple possible group scenarios due to interconnections


A fun simulation that engages 

To motivate your teams

Cruxgame is an online simulation to achieve self-coordinated teams that interact - gaining a sense of belonging and full collaboration.
During the simulation, participants develop their level of trust, resulting in a complex environment managed by the teams, with full collaboration and a systemic mindset.

The scenarios all have fragmented information that is impossible to capture by a single person. The interdependencies influence analysis and overcome personal capacities.


The face-to-face simulation

for collaboration and distributed leadership 

An interactive workshop

An interactive workshop with the best business simulation to create successful teams through collaboration.
Understanding how we behave in situations of uncertainty will help us to be proactive and tolerant of error and will allow us to learn and adapt.
We will learn to motivate our teams, to train employees to make decisions, to embrace a culture of distributed leadership. and to delegate, creating an adequate decentralized context to facilitate contributions and self-coordination.

Teamwork is needed to increase opportunities to make more effective, balanced and sustainable decisions. Teambuilding also involves trust, creating situations of full and real commitment.

Looking for collaboration!

Passionate about J. R. R. Tolkien`s world?

We are developing a new skin for our Team Business Simulation to reach young people with a more amusing storyline.
Could you help us find at least 88 meaningful references or names of The Lord of the Rings to feed the simulation?
English or Tengwar are welcome.
Do not forget to include your name and email. It will be a pleasure to invite all contributors to meet and enjoy the first edition for free.
Thanks a lot.


 Our customers 

More than 25 years of experience applying simulation and gaming methodologies to develop better teams, working better. 

 What do our customers say? 

It is a playful and interactive way of handling a set of management concepts that I recommend to all companies seeking the involvement and alignment of their key employees. Helps higher results orientation and a complete understanding of the main variables of the P&L.

Jerome Boesch 

General Manager Dannon Spain

Learning to dominate my natural leadership to adapt it to real teamwork was a good practice.
Overall, an intense and very recommendable experience for people who want to learn different methodologies

Jordi Ballesté 

Chief Executive Officer - Angelini Group

The experience was simultaneously gratifying and successful, given that it combined fun aspects (games and simulators) and operational aspects (specific work projects) that satisfied the objectives of both cohesion and efficiency

Ricardo Alonso 

Director of Corporate Banking Global - Banco Santander

Free  eBooks & whitepapers

Teamwork: motivation, commitment and results

A summary of: Cooperation in complexity.

Cooplexity, a model of collaboration in complexity for management in times of uncertainty and change.

Trust:  approches and conditions

This article reviews what trust is, and how to build it. The role of trust in a long-term committed relationship is crucial to establishing and maintaining a collaborative approach.

Simulation Games, a learning tool

Gaming and simulation combine cognition and emotion, to allow participants to understand and integrate dynamic and complex contexts.

Ready to play? 

At Training Games, we reintroduce the concept of playing and apply this in the interests of business training to reach company objectives.