About Training Games

Gamified training for corporate objectives.

Since 1995 we have focused on the development of teams and their leaders. 

about training games

Training games and simulations

In-person or online.

We use experiential learning methodology, going along with gamification to reach emotions. Training Games uses emotional dynamics and relationships to enhance team performance. They are based on simulation and gaming or workshops where participants learn a trust development model by living it. The experience can be practised in the organisation by fostering communication, cohesion and coordination.

Motivate your teams

Compete, collaborate and win. Have fun and create long-term emotional relationships with your team.

Develop your interpersonal skills, work collaboratively, lead and motivate your team, with business simulations and serious games.


Why are we different?

Behavioural simulations

Simulations that focus on the relationship, not the content. They recreate a specific context and let participants make decisions without pre-defined conditions or a reference model.

Custom contents

Learning is an essential activity. Specific content, company values or critical messages are transmitted exceptionally with gamified training.

100% tutorised

A full-time, dedicated tutor stimulates interaction, overcomes doubts, and helps in the analysis - and also controls the dynamics to maintain interest and ensure participation.

How it's done

A sense of belonging and proactive collaboration is essential to achieve self-coordinated teams that coordinate quickly and agilely. For talent to be willing to share,  they need trust. And trust is a factor that develops with interactions.



Motivate and encourage the participation of teams. Recognise initiatives and contributions.



Transmit critical messages or train with customized content, where playful dynamics are a fundamental part of gamified training.



Commit by sharing purpose, values and strategy. Promote pride of belonging and a sense of community.

Experiential Learning 

Business simulations result in experiential learning that combines cognition with emotion, allowing us to understand and integrate complex and dynamic contexts.

What do our clients say?

It is a playful and interactive way of handling a set of management concepts that I recommend to all companies seeking the involvement and alignment of their key employees. Helps higher results orientation and a complete understanding of the main variables of the P&L.

Jerome Boesch

General Manager Dannon Spain

Learning to dominate my natural leadership to adapt it to real teamwork was a good practice.
Overall, an intense and very recommendable experience for people who want to learn different methodologies.

Jordi Ballesté

Chief Executive Officer - Angelini Group

The experience was simultaneously gratifying and successful, given that it combined fun aspects (games and simulators) and operational aspects (specific work projects) that satisfied the objectives of both cohesion and efficiency

Ricardo Alonso

D.Corporate Banking Global -Santander

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