No one commits to something they do not share that is imposed on them or in whose solution they do not believe.

Shared diagnosis

Identifying improvements

By participating in the diagnosis, employees embrace the strategy, and the company recognises their contribution.

Idea generation

Participation and recognition

It is always the employees who know the company best. Involving and committing talent will motivate them to perform best, maximising results.

Distributed implementation

Sponsoring an agreed solution

Finally, decentralised structures will facilitate a workspace based on collaboration, allowing employees to self-coordinate and be agile.

development workshops

Dilemmas of Change

The same people, we act differently according to the context.

By analysing the cultural company profile, the team proposes new ways of working that integrate members around a common project, generating trust and commitment.

team cohesion

Key Structural Elements

Changing management team relationships

By changing working relationships, we will identify new ways of doing things to build trust and commitment around a common project.

collective intelligence

Collective Intelligence

We are wiser together than we are alone.

Sharing knowledge and creating value through collective contributions.

team dynamics


The right balance between cohesion and efficiency.

Analysing the results orientation and relationship orientation dimensions provides us with valuable prior information that the team uses to propose changes.

Business Cases

Our most ambitious programme in terms of organizational impact is also the one that engages us the most.

Collective Intelligence programme

Participation in the Abertis Annual Global Gathering, with 145 executives working on eight topics to identify the future challenges in the different business units.

Key Structural Elements programme

The steering committee of Caixa d'Enginyers develops new working systematics to improve efficiency and cohesion.

Dilemmas of change programme

The management team of the LafargeHolcim main factory identifies the causes of a lack of coordination and proposes solutions while improving recognition.

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