Our in-person simulations bring all the relational capacity of being in-place and the intensity of face-to-face interactions.

Emotional bonds

Create opportunities for people to connect on a deeper level. Build cohesion by sharing emotions, experiences, and values with our business training games.

When people feel emotionally connected to others, they are more likely to cooperate and work together towards a common goal.



Cohesion happens around a common project.

A time-limited experience, with all the focused attention and level of relationship that only an interactive activity can achieve.


Intense interactions create lasting relationships.

The excitement of a group dynamic, with a more intense relationship and richer, fluid and direct communication.


We are committed to what we share

All together! The pride of belonging, the sense of community and the company culture we create together.

in-person simulations

Management Teams

An interactive activity with the best business simulation to create successful teams through collaboration. Collaborate with other departments sharing goals and purpose. Collaboration, coordination, and shared leadership will be the keys to success.

in-place simulations

Sales Teams

B2B salespeople must learn to manage their customer portfolio, product range and promotional activities from a dual perspective of volume (critical mass) and margin.

classroom simulations

Teams in Banking

Sales managers in banking must manage the strategy according to the customer profile, differentiate financial products, manage information and build customer loyalty.

Business Cases

All our simulations started as in-house designs for customer demands.



Dannon asked us to develop Synergy in 1995. In 1998 more than 350 top and middle managers from three countries attended a corporate programme to increase communication and teamwork.
Since then, It became a first-class business simulation, already running the 12th version.



Chefaro pharmaceutical laboratories commissioned a sales simulator to train their entire sales network. This simulator evolved into the current Salesmanship used in companies such as Venilia, Ciba-Visión, Puleva and Sunny Delight (Orangina Schweppes), among others.


Client Banking

For La Caixa, we developed a sales simulator to train branch managers in commercial skills within the context of financial products. It was the precursor of today’s Client Banking.

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