Create a corporate culture with a sense of belonging. State-of-the-art virtual game for team that make develop a learning community where distance and language limits disappear.

Social connections

Compete, collaborate and win. Have fun and create long-term emotional relationships with your team.

One of the biggest problems with online learning is the lack of face-to-face interaction. Some students may struggle to stay motivated without social connections and support from in-person classes.



The relationship builds trust, and trust improves the relationship.

A dynamic designed for large, geographically dispersed groups with different time zones and the possibility of communicating in up to 100 languages.


There is only one chance to make an excellent first impression.

The remote allows for an anonymous start that ensures actual communication practice, uninfluenced by prior knowledge or the participant’s role.


Only experience consolidates knowledge.

We learn from our successes but, indeed, more from our mistakes. Experience and learn from a simulation at no risk.

virtual simulations

My Great Team

Global, agile and liquid organizations

Several business groups compete for global leadership. Understanding the company as a whole will be essential to maximize results.

family business

Family Business

Motivation, commitment and engagement

Entrepreneurial families are much more than businesses. From the founder to further generations, we stimulate integration while considering all its complexity.

sales management

Sales Management

Motivated and collaborative sales teams

Clients Portfolio Management, from hard concepts (positioning, ABC clients, marginality) to soft skills (team, communication and collaboration).

online simulation games


Communication, collaboration and coordination

Cooplexity stands for cooperation in complexity. It is the most academic online simulation that will deepen into the trust model and its six steps to achieve it.

Business Cases

When distance does not keep us apart.


Developed during the lockdown COVID-19 pandemic, Team Business Simulation inherits all the experience and knowledge of the last 25 years and adds all the advantages of the remote. Saint-Gobain was the pioneer trusting us to develop their executives.


Puig was our first global delivery with 60 participants, from 15 countries, in 6 languages to create interpersonal relationships that would have been impossible in the usual working context.


Two years development programme of the RE-Group skills model. Participants confront a competition where teams must overcome different business contexts to put their interpersonal skills into practice.

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