Leadership and trust

Cohesive management teams generate results.
An in-person simulation learning game for motivation and trust generation.

Create cohesion in your teams

In markets with intense competition and difficult situations with fewer resources, results depend more on competitiveness and efficiency. Teamwork is critical to generate opportunities by leveraging synergies and to save costs by increasing margin. When it comes to leaders, it is essential because what emerges from the team will be amplified in cascades.


The program

From a leadership perspective, the simulation allows us to experience a progressive trust development model. We work on the impact of personality on leadership, the characteristics of each style, decision-making, interpersonal communication, planning, the difference between authority and leadership, and conflict management.

Leadership and trust

The simulation learning game

This gamified dynamic uses a real-life business scenario inspired by the world of wine to develop knowledge and skills in leadership and team building. It is a stimulating, time-tested and exceptional leadership development activity. Through the power of experiential learning, participants gain direct insight into teamwork, try out new leadership behaviours and explore the impact of formal and informal leadership on team performance.

It is a training/motivational program that can stand alone or be integrated into meetings, workshops or extended programs.
The duration is between 2/3 hours
Gamified activity

The objective is to develop:


Leaders become aware of their responsibility as drivers of change. Their proactivity is contagious to the actions of others. Their actions are example that generates trust.

Vision of evolution

Change management is viewed from an evolutionary perspective. Team dynamics are understood as spontaneous and selfless contributions that reinforce each other to grow and generate results.

Emotional intelligence

Understanding and managing one's emotions and those of others builds lasting relationships. Relating in a transparent, open and honest way promotes communication, motivation and cohesion.

trust article


Trust. Approaches and conditions.
Academic article to deepen trust.

Trust plays a fundamental role in team management. When team members trust each other and their leader, they contribute and are committed and motivated. When the work environment is positive and mutually supportive, there is better communication, problem-solving and decision-making.

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