Commitment and results

Sky is the limit

Cohesive teams generate results.
Live the experience, and learn the importance of communication and consistency of value-based decisions.

Get your teams to commit

When an organization gets its teams, in addition to their heads, to put their hearts into their work, the results are extraordinary. When people contribute generously without expecting anything in return, the organization reaches a level of maturity and confidence capable of facing anything.


The program

By playing, they become aware that a collaborative result depends first and foremost on themselves and the decisions they make. They experience it is possible to reach a common project and share the purpose, with a collaborative attitude and generating trust.

Simulation learning game

It is a playful dynamic where participants face the dilemma of making decisions without communication and in stressful circumstances, knowing they will impact the results.
By playing, they become aware of the importance of collaboration and trust.
The storyline introduces a dynamic connected to systems thinking and the big picture.

The training/motivational program can be stand-alone or integrated into meetings, workshops or more extended programs.
The duration is between 2/3 hours.
Gamified activity.

The objective is to develop:


Where do we want to be, in the problem or the solution? Participants become aware of the importance and impact of personal contribution on the results, and at the same time, we can expect answers only by contributing.


Attitude is everything. To get a positive response from someone, our first action must be generous. It is when the opportunity to create a virtuous circle that ends in collaboration and favours both appears.

Big picture vision

We are all interdependent today. What happens on one side affects the other, so the most intelligent thing to do is to find a balance that benefits both the individual and the group. Communication and trust are critical.

Ready to play?

Commitment and results, is a simulation game to achieve corporate objectives. Please get in contact with us!

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