Gaming and Simulation is a methodology that stimulates interaction and participation.

When people are engaged and motivated, they are more likely to participate, share and contribute.

We apply gamified activities to motivation and training. Most of them are self-designed and can include not only the game's mechanics but the delivery as well. All its motivational impacts are helpful for training or can animate corporate events such as conferences or meetings.


We can perform the maximum only when the brain and heart work hand in hand.

An emotional experience that forces participants to give the most of themselves. A genuine and demanding dynamic that leaves its mark.


We behave as we are in demanding situations.

Group dynamics, rich in observable behaviours, allows the analysis of how groups communicate, cooperate and coordinate.


Everything is different with a positive attitude.

When one gives oneself emotional, barriers are lifted, facilitating the acceptance of change and human interaction, which allows us to grow personally and professionally.

serious games


Existing games with specific training purposes include sales, negotiation, systems thinking or situational leadership.

They are applied in meetings, training, sales conferences or independently for short periods of up to several days.

custom games

Made to measure

Designed from scratch with a determined purpose or adapted from previous creations with proven mechanics, new design, and customised content.

Ideal for onboarding programs, internal content training, workshops, or transmitting specific ideas, messages or values.



For face-to-face or remote events, designed to animate them with high intensity in a short period. 

All the emotions of interaction at the service of cohesion and motivation, the event's objectives.

Business Cases

Serious games that connect with the most emotional side of the participant to have fun and learn.

Leadership and trust

A serious game focused on leadership and trust development at the closing of Banco Sabadell’s Corporate Management Programme.

Party FNAC

A tailor-made game with internal content for in-store training of FNAC, the large French retail chain selling cultural and electronic products.

Fashion Day 

An entertaining activity with a sewing competition in the background. The new international ESADE master’s students create a community and a sense of belonging from day one.

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