Negotiation game for the annual sales convention.



Warner-Lambert Co was a laboratory and leading multinational company in distribution of miscellaneous, from chewing gum to personal care accessories, such as razors and mouth rinses. From June of the year 2000 it became the property of the pharmaceutical laboratory Pfizer Inc.


The main objective was the animation of an event at the annual trade convention.


Personalization and adaptation of the game Teaching Cards. For the annual sales convention. We developed a board game in which different teams competed with each other while learning and refreshing fundamental concepts of negotiation.

Design: Customization of the standard board design to include the logo of the convention and Warner-Lambert in the central space. Development of the image and design of the cards and the container box.
Contents: Design of negotiation and sales questions. Adaptation of game mechanics.
Dynamics: Adaptation of game mechanics.
Production: Manufacture of game boards. Printing of cards and instruction sheet. Container box and interior mould. Book of negotiation.
Complementary materials Pawns, dices, cups (4 colours) and hourglass. Book of negotiation.


Key aspects of the game:

  • Type of learning: Active through questions and answers. Passive by constantly receiving messages.
  • Balance between players: Existence of a regulatory mechanism based on the questions (balanced progress of the players).
  • Feedback: Rewards and penalties are automatic boosting the experience curve.
  • Probabilities: Number and type of squares and cards. Order and distribution of the squares on the board.
  • Extensions: In depth (difficulty levels). In extension (different aspects of the same subject).
  • Versions: Multilingual.


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