quality of service and customer service.



TMI, a world leader in the Human Capital Consulting and Service in Organizations sector. Experts in Service, Culture and Talent Development, is a global organization founded in 1975, present in more than 40 countries and offering high quality consulting services in national and international projects


Creation of a game to streamline your quality service and customer service training sessions within your “Putting People First” course.


Personalization and adaptation of the game Teaching Cards. We develop the contents and customize the image of TMI in all the components, board, cards, box. The main result was a game dynamic to reinforce the concepts learned during the training courses in a fun and participatory way. Breaking barriers between the attendees and helping to create a team.


Design: Update of the standard board design and inclusion of the TMI logo. Development of image and design for cards.
Content development: Question design, content supervision. Adaptation of game mechanics.
Production: Board, card and box printing.
Complementary materials Game of dice, chips and goblets (4 colors).


Key aspects of the game:

  • Learning: Active through questions and answers. Passive by constantly receiving messages.
  • Regulatory mechanism: Questions (balanced advance of the players).
  • Feedback: Penalty / automatic bonus. Experience curve (expansive circle).
  • Probabilities: Number and type of boxes and cards. Order and distribution of the boxes on the board.
  • Extensions: In depth (difficulty levels). In extension (different aspects of the same subject).
  • Versionable (multilingual)


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