Teams are people with their characteristics and peculiarities. By developing the person, you get real "team players".


Who am I?

Know my leadership profile and its relationship with my character. Accept the pros and cons and make habits for good practices that expand my limits.


Why am I like this?

Learn to emulate the functional behaviours of the four leadership skills that have proven effective in changing situations.


How do I want to be?

Effective leaders put their energy into what motivates them and, in parallel, compensate for their limits by complementing themselves.

personal development

Leadership styles

Research reveals that 75% of leaders have four action logics in how they interpret and react to the environment, focused on opportunities, people, objectives, and experience.

We will learn to emulate different leadership styles depending on the business contexts, based on intuition (visioning), connections (social), pragmatism (effective) and knowledge (expert).


personal development programme

The programme

For three months, the person becomes fully aware of his personality and its impact on his interpretation of reality, decisions, and reactions. They learn to recognise, accept and manage their limitations. The final aim is to complement the team to reach beyond the limits.

We use techniques such as coaching and training to help the experience, but the most important thing is that the person is committed to their development. And when that happens, the impact of the program is extraordinary.

Business Cases

An ambitious, intense and extensive programme with a profound personal impact.

Red Eléctrica de España was the pioneer of the programme. Our foundation model on trust development positively biased its future development.

Abertis is a company with a high engineering profile weight on its managers. The rational approach and task orientation perfectly fit his highly technical profile.

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