Simulation games

simulation games

Free download of Simulation Games, a learning tool. In this article, you will find how experiential learning through the power of business simulations for training converts into a unique tool for understanding systemic, complex and dynamic realities.

About trust

about trust

​This article reviews what trust is and how to build it. The role of trust in any collaborative relationship is fundamental. Maintaining it long-term is crucial to generating extraordinary results.

Teamwork and results

teamwork and results

Free download of Teamwork: motivation, commitment and results. This book focuses on developing collaborative teams to improve performance and maximise synergies.

Cooperation in complexity

cooperation in complexity

Cooperation in Complexity is a free download. In this book, you will find the essential guidelines to develop trust, so collaborative behaviours appear in organizations.
Cooplexity is a collaborative model for team management in times of uncertainty and change.

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