Over 20 years developing systemic competences

Experiential Learning

Training Games allow acquire theoretical knowledges
combined withpractical experience without taking real risks.


Ready to play? Our pre-designed simulations are! Just pick yours, and let your team enjoy, interact and learn at the same time.


We will design it developing your model to explain market behaviours or management issues. Some successful Business cases used in the past in training, events and meetings are: Inditex, Frigo, Dannon.


Do you want a simulation for your company? Our International associates will deliver an attendance seminar in your language, with your cultural framework and considering your organizational particularities.


Gaming and Simulation is an attractive and motivating training methodology, with constant changes of rhythm, which encourages interaction and participation.

The game appeals to the emotive side of learning in the participant, bringing out a positive attitude with high expectations. This is the key to the process of learning and is directly related to the level of efficiency of that learning.

Our objective

Portrait of a happy team of business people together

Achieve greater effectiveness through experimentation with Simulation & Gaming, resulting in friendlier and more practical training.

The foundation

In a world of growing complexity, constantly changing and increasingly interrelated, a partial, simple or one dimensional approximation that attempts to manage it or even understand it, would be impossible. Systems possess characteristics that their parts lack. Systemic thinking facilitates understanding these properties according to the parts of the system and their interactions.

Our method

Playing is the most important element in the education of a human being, and it is revealed as a basic instrument during that period of life when the bulk of knowledge is acquired: childhood and adolescence At Training Games, we reintroduce the concept of playing, and apply it in the interest of business training in order to reach established objectives.

Simulation and Gaming

We define gaming/simulation as an activity that works, totally or partially, based on the decisions of the players. The simulation is an operational model that brings about the abstraction and representation of a larger system.


We offer, from customizable
pre-designed simulations,
to totally made to measure projects.

Work with us!

We work for multinationals, small businesses and universities.

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